“My wife can destroy a cheap garden trowel in less than half a day. She will typically go through 3 to 4 a summer gardening in the South....UNTIL I found this one. This thing is like the Yeti. Nothing has hurt it yet. I challenged my wife to try and damage it. She has yet to answer the challenge.”
–Jerry J
“I’ve used this for a couple years now to do any hand digging as an electrician. It is a very strong one piece design that I abuse to no end with no breaks or bends. I had a few others in the past that didn't last even a few hard uses. I pry up rocks, hammer on it, mix cement with it and show it no mercy. When I'm done a job I wash it with water and it’s good as new.”

“I use it for metal detecting and dig in some rather diverse areas. It cuts through roots with no problem. Does not hurt my hand on long days. I have dug from dense clay to sand with it. Used at the beach and still no rust. The tool also has inches marked out on the blade portion for estimation in depth. This trowel is the best I have ever owned.”
“I purchased this Wilcox Digging tool in 1976 from an ad in a treasure hunting magazine, when I bought my White metal detector. It worked great for me in digging in any soil. Several people wanted to purchase it from me, which I declined. In recent years, it has been my go to tool for planting in my gardens and digging to repairing sprinkler heads. It still works great after 41 years.”
–Bob W