About Wilcox All-Pro Digging Tools

Founded in 1966, Wilcox All-Pro has been manufacturing professional-grade garden trowels, hoes, weeders, and more. With a retail and distribution network that extends throughout the United States, our proven designs, quality manufacturing processes, and unparalleled customer service make us the best choice in tools for gardeners, agricultural professionals, treasure hunters, and industry professionals. Our American-made tools are built to last a lifetime and are backed with a lifetime guarantee!

Early Foundations

Around 1964, the Wilcox family of Montezuma began Wilcox Trapping Tools out of their cattle shed near Barnes City, Iowa. In 1966, the family moved the business to Montezuma, Iowa, and changed the name to Wilcox All-Pro Tools. The family business developed and refined its multi-purpose tools to be durable and effective:

  • Treasure Hunting Tools

  • Gardening Tools

  • Landscaping Tools 

  • Camping Tools 

  • & More

Keeping the Business Local

After the business changed hands over the years, a business outside of Montezuma expressed interest in purchasing and moving the company. A long-time employee of Wilcox, who had worked for the company almost two decades, and his wife decided to buy it. The two wanted to support local businesses in Montezuma and keep Wilcox All-Pro running the way the Wilcox family wanted, building quality American-made tools in their local community. Today, Wilcox is family-owned and operated in its hometown of Montezuma, IA. Wilcox also has a firm commitment to gender diversity and inclusion, with the majority of our workforce being female. 

The Future of Wilcox Digging Tools

Our current ownership is excited to bring to life the plan that the Wilcox family had long dreamt of. This goal entails growing the company by expanding to new markets and developing new local retailers to help support small businesses. This goal is currently being realized as tool production has steadily increased every year!

2021 brought not only a record number of tools made but also increased product offerings. In 2021, we brought back four old designs and released four brand new designs! Despite decades of change, one thing has remained the same, our commitment to high-quality stainless steel tools and great customer service. Thank you for choosing Wilcox All-Pro! 

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