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    strongest trowel I’ve ever used

    By Gardening Products Review

    strongest trowel I’ve ever used

    “This is the strongest trowel I’ve ever used, and I’ve bent up a LOT of trowels. The other day I was digging rocks up with it, and even when I was prying up rocks half the size of my head, it did not bend, not even at the tip. I even ended up laying it on another tool and using it as a lever, and it did not bend at all. The 900 bend in the trowel surface gives it a great deal of strength compared to the shallow curve of most trowels…the Wilcox stainless steel digger was rated the best garden trowel by the New York Times, and I can see why. Nothing I’ve done yet has hurt it in the least, and it doesn’t make my hand cramp to use. As trowels go, it is one of my favorites. I like it so much that I recommend it to anyone.”

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