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    Customer Testimonials 

    Wilcox All-Pro has been producing American-made tools since 1966! Our stainless steel tools provide some of the most durable tools on the market. We’re so confident in our products that they are all backed by a lifetime guarantee! No matter what your job is, a Wilcox digging tool in your toolbox is versatile enough to get your specific job done. Our trowels, digging hoes, scoops, and more make the perfect:

    • Garden Tools
    • Camping Tools
    • Landscaping Tools
    • Treasure Hunting Tools
    • & More!

    Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

    This thing is like the Yeti!

    “My wife can destroy a cheap garden trowel in less than half a day. She will typically go through 3 to 4 a summer gardening in the South....UNTIL I found this one. This thing is like the Yeti. Nothing has... Read Moreabout Jerry J. testimonial

    Jerry J.
    no breaks or bends

    “I’ve used this for a couple years now to do any hand digging as an electrician. It is a very strong one piece design that I abuse to no end with no breaks or bends. I had a few others... Read Moreabout Keith testimonial


    “This is a lifetime tool. You'll use it all the time and you wonder how you did without it. The design of this trowel is superb, and allows it to be used for many purposes. I use it for scooping,... Read Moreabout Bobby M. testimonial

    Bobby M.
    the best I have ever owned

    “I use it for metal detecting and dig in some rather diverse areas. It cuts through roots with no problem. Does not hurt my hand on long days. I have dug from dense clay to sand with it. Used at... Read Moreabout Cartman testimonial

    works great after 41 years

    “I purchased this Wilcox Digging tool in 1976 from an ad in a treasure hunting magazine, when I bought my White metal detector. It worked great for me in digging in any soil. Several people wanted to purchase it from... Read Moreabout Bob W. testimonial

    Bob W.
    gardening powerhouse

    “Wilcox wasn’t boasting when it put “All-Pro” in the name. The title definitely fits the trowel, as this gardening powerhouse excels at so many basic yardwork tasks. From the moment I put this All-Star tool to the test, the beveled... Read Moreabout The Spruce testimonial

    The Spruce

    “LOVE the Wilcox trowels. I'm incredibly frustrated with 'rebuying' things like tools. I don't have that problem with Wilcox's products. I have a trowel I purchased years ago from Wilcox that looks pretty much the same as it did then…Great... Read Moreabout Virginia W. testimonial

    Virginia W.
    strongest trowel I’ve ever used

    “This is the strongest trowel I’ve ever used, and I’ve bent up a LOT of trowels. The other day I was digging rocks up with it, and even when I was prying up rocks half the size of my head,... Read Moreabout Gardening Products Review testimonial

    Gardening Products Review
    Indestructible Trowels

    "To put it simply, they are the only trowels I use in the garden – and I use them a lot. They are made of stainless steel, which makes them unbreakable, unbending, and virtually indestructible. And they have a bright... Read Moreabout Happy Acres Blog testimonial

    Happy Acres Blog

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