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    Wilcox All-Pro 202s 14" BLEMISH All-Pro Trowel

    Wilcox All-Pro 202s 14" BLEMISH All-Pro Trowel
    SKU: 202b
    Weight: 0.70 lbs
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    This 3" wide trowel works very well for deep bulb planting and breaking up stubborn clods of dirt. It's also the perfect size for transplanting, such as Hostas. It's a trowel you can really put the muscle onto without the fear of bending or breaking it. Stainless steel, American made Garden Tools! The Blemish tools are much like the brand-new ones. The only difference is that there might be scratches on the trowel, or it might have a different company's logo on it, and even a different color grip other than red. Key features include:

    • Stainless Steel
    • Engraved Depth Gauge
    • Sturdy One-Piece Design
    • Comfortable Hand Grip
    • Leather Wrist Strap
    • American Made Garden Tools
    • Lifetime Guarantee
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