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    Wilcox All-Pro 251G 11" All-Pro Gator

    11" ALL-PRO GATOR sold by Wilcox All-Pro.
    Price (each) Quantity
    $18.761 to 5
    $13.136 to 71
    $11.2672 to 143
    $9.38144 to 575
    SKU: 251G
    Brand: Wilcox All-Pro
    UPC: 703653000280
    Weight: 1.00 lbs
    Length: 11.00 inches
    Width:  3.00 inches
    Height: 1.50 inches

    The 251G 11” Gator has the widest blade of our Gator line of trowels and features a deep trowel blade so you can dig deeper faster. This stainless steel trowel boasts a sharp pointed tip to easily cut into even the toughest soil. The serrated edges down the sides of the trowel easily cut through dirt, roots, and weeds. The 251G 11” is a great all-around digging tool for any digging job. Key features include:

    • Stainless Steel
    • Engraved Depth Gauge
    • Sturdy One-Piece Design 
    • Comfortable Hand Grip
    • Leather Wrist Strap 
    • American Made Tool
    • Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee
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