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    Warranties & Shipping/Return Policies

    Warranties & Shipping/Return Policies


    Wilcox has a limited lifetime guarantee on all the Wilcox All-Pro Garden Trowels, Weeders & Digging Hoes when they are being used properly for their intended use. That includes the grip on the tool and the leather lanyard.

    Warranty Coverage

    • If the tool becomes dull or is chipped or cracked – Wilcox will replace the tool for a new one
    • If the grip starts to crack or tare – Wilcox will replace the tool for a new one
    • If the leather lanyard breaks – Wilcox will replace the tool for a new one

    WILCOX IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for the destruction of the garden trowels/weeders/digging hoes when being used improperly. Such as using the tool for any other purpose other than what it is intended for, digging or weeding. Our tools are made of stainless steel and are built to last when used properly. If a tool is returned and its condition is what Wilcox would consider questionable, the customer may need to provide further information as to how the tool became damaged. Wilcox will then decide with the information given and the amount of damage done to the tool if the tool will be warrantied.

    Shipping Policy

    We work tirelessly to get the products you need to your door as quickly and inexpensively as possible. The shipping time and amount calculated on our website is the most accurate estimate we can provide.

    To keep shipping costs as low as possible and provide you with the best service we can, here are some suggestive options to keep in mind when checking out online.

    • Make sure your shipping address is correct and up to date.
    • If you have moved, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform the postal office of any forwarding addresses. Wilcox will not send another replaced tool if the customer has failed to inform the postal service of a forwarding address resulting the customer from receiving the replaced tool to their new address. 
    • Include an accurate phone number and email address when placing an order online. If anything should happen with your shipment or there are delays in processing your shipment, we will need to contact you.

    Return Policy

    To receive a new tool, the customer will first need to send the original tool to:

    Wilcox All-Pro

    P.O. Box 399

    501 East Washington St.

    Montezuma, IA 50171

    The customer will be responsible for the shipping fee to ship original tool, but Wilcox All-Pro will be responsible for the shipping fee of the new tool to the customer.

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