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    What Makes Wilcox Tools Different?

    Posted on 08/02/2022 at 03:53 PM by Wilcox All-Pro

    With so many different types of hand tools out there, it can be tough to find the best tools and even tougher to know what makes a tool the best. You want durable tools that get the job done efficiently for decades to come. American-made tools with unique features and enhancements certainly don’t hurt either. 

    Whether you’re looking for a trowel, weeding tool, digging hoe, or more, Wilcox digging tools are the best tools on the market. Learn what makes Wilcox All-Pro tools different and why these differences matter! 

    American-Sourced, American-Made

    Many tools claim to be 100% American-made, but that’s often not the case. A product doesn't have to be made entirely in the U.S. to get the American-made title. As long as the majority of its components are made in the U.S., the product qualifies. Here at Wilcox, our tools are 100% sourced and assembled in the United States.

    We keep our sourcing simple, getting everything we need to make our tools from three trusted suppliers across the U.S. When our 100% U.S. sourced materials reach our manufacturing plant in Montezuma, IA, our unique manufacturing process begins.

    american made tools

    Alternative Formation Process

    Traditionally welded tools create a weak spot where the tool was welded, making it more likely to break or get damaged during use. 99% of our stainless steel tools are formed, not welded. This one-piece design means that there is no weak spot like there would be in a weld. This makes our tools stronger and virtually impossible to break.

    The 1% of our tools that are welded are made using a tig welding process. The tig welding process can take longer than other welding processes but produces a stronger, more precise piece. For extra quality control, tools that undergo the tig weld process are break tested to make sure they stand up to our strict quality levels.

    Unique Tool Features

    Our tools boast unique features that help you get your digging job done faster and easier. Just a few of our tool features that make for more efficient tools include:

    digging tools

    • Sharp, Pointed Blade: The sharp, pointed blades of our stainless steel tools allow you to break through tough ground with ease. This feature also makes for a great cutting tool, allowing you to easily slice through roots and debris.

    • Depth Gauge: The engraved depth gauge on our tools allows you to measure the depth at which you’re digging seamlessly while you’re digging. This feature is especially handy for our garden trowels to help you ensure that you’re planting at the proper depth. 

    • Comfortable Hand Grip: All of our tools feature a comfortable, ergonomic hand grip. This helps you not only get a better grip while you dig but also helps prevent hand strain and soreness. 

    The uses for our tools extend as far as your imagination allows. Multi-use features on all of our tools make them an ideal go-to tool for a wide variety of applications. 

    Multi-Use Tools

    Our selection of tools is commonly used as:

    • Garden Tools

    • Camping Tools

    • Landscaping Tools

    • Treasure Hunting Tools

    • Groundskeeping Tools

    Not only are our categories of tools ideal for multiple uses, but each tool itself can also be utilized as a multi-tool. Our digging hoe isn't just great for breaking ground, it also works as an excellent ice chipper. Our serrated trowels make great cutting tools, and our long-handled trowels make great weeders. Our ultimate multi-use tool, the Multi-Crop, is the Swiss army knife of tools. The 251MC is made up of four different tools (251S, 251SC, 251G, and 503W), all in one powerful tool ideal for any job!

    mulit-use tool

    Guaranteed for Life

    lifetime guarantee tools

    Wilcox is dedicated to building long-lasting tools that work as hard as you do, no matter the job. We’re so confident in the quality of our tools, we back each and every tool with a lifetime guarantee. When you buy a tool from Wilcox All-Pro, you can rest easy knowing it’s a tool you’ll use for life. 

    See the Difference for Yourself

    See for yourself the difference between a good tool and a great tool. Put our tools to the test, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start using Wilcox digging tools sooner! 

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