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    The Ultimate Wilcox Tool Guide

    Posted on 02/18/2022 at 08:00 AM by Wilcox All-Pro

    Whether you’re gardening, going on a camping trip, or headed treasure hunting, we have the perfect tools for you. We’ve compiled the ultimate tool guide to help you find the perfect tool for your specific needs. If you’re new to Wilcox All-Pro Digging Tools, we can help you find the right tool for you. If you’ve shopped with us in the past, find out what tool should be the next addition to your tool kit! 

    Gardening Tools


    Any of our trowels are great for gardening, but two of our best garden trowels are the 100GS 10" Gardeners Special Trowel and the 250G 18" All-Pro Long Handled Gator. Both products feature a smooth narrow blade perfect for cultivating. The Log-Handled Gator Digging Trowel features a serrated blade perfect for transplanting and cutting through roots and weeds in the garden. 

    Wilcox stainless steel trowelWilcox stainless steel trowel


    For smaller gardens, we recommend the 503W 9" Eco Weeder. This weeding tool is one of our newest additions and features a sharp “V” at the end. This weeder is a bit shorter than some of the others, making it an easy garden hand tool for working up close and personal with your garden.

    Wilcox stainless steel weeder

    Camping Tools


    Our 201S 14" Heavy Duty Camping Tool is a must-have camping tool. This 3" wide heavy-duty trowel works great for breaking up stubborn clods. It's a trowel you can put the muscle to without fear of bending or breaking, even in rockier, tougher dirt. 

    Wilcox stainless steel trowel

    Discovery Knife

    The Wilcox All-Pro 501DK Discovery Knife offers a sharp edge to cut through roots, small strings, and other materials. It’s a great tool to have while camping as it works not only as a knife but as a digging tool as well. Its curved blade with measures can be used for digging in any type of soil. After a long day of setting up camp or hiking, you can even pop a top with its bottle opener!

    Wilcox stainless steel knife tool

    Treasure Hunting Tools


    When it comes down to it, any of our trowels are ideal for treasure hunting. Long-handled trowels give more leverage for digging up tougher soil. If you’re treasure hunting where you're likely to encounter lots of roots and weeds, one of our serrated trowels would be a great option. Our classic, sharp edge pointed trowels are staple treasure hunting tools.

    Sifting Scoops

    Our sifting scoops are another essential when it comes to treasure hunting supplies. These durable scoops easily sift out dirt, sand, and debris. Sifting scoops come in different hole sizes to accommodate the specific size and type of treasure you are looking for.

    wilcox all-pro sifting scoop

    Groundskeeping & Landscaping Tools


    When it comes to professional-grade tools, we don’t mess around. Our line of serrated trowels is ideal for landscaping and groundskeeping. They are tough, durable, and can easily cut through small plants and roots. 


    Our 500W All-Pro "Star" Weeder is one of the newer additions to our line of weeding tools. The Star Weeder is Wilcox All Pro's spin on the cape cod style of weeders but unlike other cape cod weeders, our is heavier. This weeder is built to take hard work every day for a lifetime.

    Wilcox stainless steel weeder


    The 4401-12 12" All-Pro Heavy Duty Digging Hoe is tough enough to dig through any terrain, even ice. The comfortable grip and sharp, sturdy one-piece design make digging faster and easier. This tool is an absolute must-have for any industry professional.

    Wilcox stainless steel digging hoe

    Experience Quality Like Never Before!

    Our American-made tools are uniquely designed and break tested to last you a lifetime. Our tools work great in a wide variety of jobs and our stainless steel tools are built to resist corrosion, rust, and general wear and tear. Get the best multi-use tools on the market!

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