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    Our Process

    The Wilcox Way 

    Wilcox Digging Tools American Made ToolsSince 1966, Wilcox All-Pro’s proven designs and quality manufacturing processes have made us the best choice in tools. From trowels to hoes to weeders and scoops, see what makes Wilcox All-Pro different!

    100% American-Made Tools

    Several tools and other products claim to be “made in the USA”, but this isn’t necessarily true. A product doesn't have to be made entirely in the U.S. to get the American-made title. As long as the majority of its components are made in the U.S., the product qualifies. Here at Wilcox, our tools are 100% sourced and assembled in the United States.

    We keep our sourcing simple, getting everything we need to make our tools from three trusted suppliers across the U.S. When our 100% U.S. sourced materials reach our manufacturing plant in Montezuma, IA, our unique manufacturing process begins. 

    Tools Built to Last

    99% of our stainless steel tools are formed and not welded. This one-piece design means that there is no weak spot like there would be in a weld. This makes our tools stronger and virtually impossible to break. As for the 1% of our tools that are welded, we use a tig welding process. The tig welding process can take longer than other welding processes, but it produces a stronger, more precise piece. For extra quality control, tools that undergo the tig weld process are break tested to make sure they stand up to our strict quality levels. 

    Put Our Tools to the Test

    Don’t just take our word for it, try out Wilcox Digging Tools for yourself and experience the difference firsthand. Find your new favorite tool that will last a lifetime!

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