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    Check out some of our frequently asked questions! 

    What is a trowel? How are Wilcox trowels different?

    A trowel is a small hand tool that comes in a variety of different styles for a variety of purposes. What makes our trowels unique is their durability and versatility. Our one-piece design and sharp edges help you dig easier in any terrain, without your trowel breaking. They are great for camping, landscaping, treasure hunting, or simply as garden trowels!

    Does stainless steel rust?

    Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for tools as a durable material that is resistant to wear and tear. However, if you don’t take care of your stainless steel tools, they can rust. Prolonged exposure to heat, chemicals, or moisture can cause stainless steel to rust, so make sure to store your tools properly! 

    How to remove rust from tools?

    There are several ways to remove rust from your tools. The easiest way is to purchase a rust remover soak from the store. You can also mix baking soda and water into a paste. Apply the paste to your tool and then wash it off after letting it sit for a couple of hours.

    What if a product is “Out of Stock"?

    We are continually working on creating new inventory. If an item is out of stock, we will have it available again as soon as possible! 

    How should I care for my tools?

    When you’re done using your tools, wipe them clean with a rag or towel. When you’re not using them, store them in a dry place and off the ground. Our stainless steel tools are durable and corrosion-resistant but every good tool should be properly maintained!

    Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

    Yes, we ship to all 50 states!

    How do I know which tool is right for me?

    One of the great things about our tools is that they are very versatile when it comes to what they can be used for. Our trowels can be used as garden trowels, camping tools, and so much more. Different handle lengths can help you find the right tool for your job. Our long-handled trowels and weeders give more leverage when digging in tougher soil. Our short-handled trowels are a great go-to tool to have on hand for your every day digging needs. For more information, be sure to check out our blog "The Ultimate Wilcox Tool Guide"!

    Where are your tools made?

    All of our tools are made in Montezuma, I.A., and sourced in the U.S. Learn more about our process!

    How do I get a customized tool?

    All of our stainless steel tools can be customized with your name or logo! Visit our customizable page to get personalized tools today!

    How can I make digging easier?

    If you’re looking to make any digging job easier, you’ve come to the right place! Our stainless steel trowels and digging hoes are sharp, pointed, and durable making digging in any type of wet or dry terrain easy! Try one of our long-handled tools for some extra leverage when digging.

    What is the best tool for digging hard ground?

    Though all of our trowels are great for digging in any terrain, our classic All-Pro digging hoe is a personal favorite. It’s perfect for digging in hard ground and can even be used to chip ice!

    What are the different types of trowels?

    Our trowels differ in several ways. Blade width, handle length, and serration are among some of the key differences. Narrower blades are great for all-around gardening, transplanting, and treasure hunting. Wider blades are great for bigger jobs such as post-hole digging or cultivating an entire garden. Long-handled trowels give more leverage for tougher terrain. Check out all of our trowels to learn more.

    What does a lifetime guarantee mean?

    We're so confident that our tools will last a lifetime that if one ever breaks, we'll replace it for free.

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